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By ænux on 12:30 PM

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I just about posted this picture the other night, and boy and I glad I didn't. Cause not I can share it with you and say proudly that it got a DD on Deviantart. ^_^

I'm not naturally submissive but I love *love love!* my hood and the look of it is rather submissive, so while we were shooting I tried to take on the demeanor of a sub as much as I could, and remarkably it came across! So far everyone has commented about the eyes and the lighting. It makes me a very happy model when people can see exactly the sentiment I put into a shot, no matter how subtle.

The DD was given to Aarons page, but I'm tickled pink either way. tehe!

Camera: Mamiya RB67 + Polaroid back
Film: Fuji FP-100C

*click & it gets bigger*

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