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I haven't felt inclined to write much recently, as you can tell. However it's not for a lack of interesting goings on!

I've been thrust into the other side of photography and it's been fairly consuming. Kevin Stenhouse had talked to me about getting into shooting weddings with him and we'd planned to have me shadow his other assistant to learn the ropes. Well, she unfortunately wound up with an injury and I jumped in and took over as for a string of weddings in the last month. It's been really great and I very much like being the one wielding the camera.

It's funny being such an internet lurker, the forums are plastered with photographers complaining about how horrid shooting weddings can be. They have endless gripes and it reads as if a pretentious child had written it - but in real life shooting weddings isn't that bad at all. In fact it's kinda awesome if you're into photography and people watching, which I happen to be. Kevin being totally skilled and wicked badass might help in that regard too...

In fact on weekends that we're not shooting, I miss it. Not that I'm all that surprised really, I got into photography in highschool and started by developing my own film. Over the years I've maintained a solid involvement in photography by being my families main picture taker. Being in front of a lens or two over the years might of helped too...

Anyways, must get ready. Kevin is picking me up to go help him out on some engagement sessions today! Yay!

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